Class of 2024 Yearbook Information


 Senior Dedications

As the school year progresses, the Yearbook staff is excited to announce an opportunity for you to celebrate your senior’s achievements and commemorate their high school journey with a Senior dedication.

 Senior dedications are a cherished tradition, allowing parents, family, and friends to share a personal message, photos, and well-wishes for their graduating senior. It’s a heartfelt way to celebrate their accomplishments, growth, and the memories made throughout their high school years.

 Parents can choose between creating their own senior dedication or submitting photos and selecting a template. More details can be found in the Google Form. 


Deadline: Please submit your dedication by December 1 using the following Google Form. 

Submission: Please email the Yearbook staff your artwork or photos at

Size and Pricing:

Full Page: $300

½ Page: $200

¼ Page: $150

⅛ Page: $100

Example Senior Dedications attached.


Then and Nows

Senior Then and Nows are due November 17 as well. These photos also celebrate your senior, showing their growth and transformation over the years. Submission is free of charge. Please submit your photos in the following Google Form.

Click here to see examples. 

  Please email with any questions or concerns. Thank you!!

 The Claremont High School Yearbook Staff