Rules and Policies

The following policies are set in place to maintain a sense of order and balance

  • The Claremont High School Library does not allow food inside the facility for students. This includes the computer lab. Drinks must have a secured lid and kept in the students back pack/bag. Students may hydrate as needed.

  • Proper attire must be worn as following the school dress code in the Parent-Student Handbook.  Students not following this will be escorted by proctor to the office, or the office will be notified through email of the violation.

  • Students should use their electronic devices for school work.  Any person receiving a call shall remove themselves from the library for the duration of their call. We do not mind a student getting a phone call, however, they need to follow the proper etiquette and remove themselves from the library until their call has concluded.

  • Students will show respect and be courteous to all staff and other students or they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the period or day. Any defiance could lead to permanent removal from the library.

  • Students will refrain from talking loud or they will be asked to leave.  Our philosophy is "tomorrow is another day".  They are welcome back on the next day we are open, as long as the student adheres to the library policies.  Students that exhibit patterns of behavior contrary to a positive learning environment will have a further suspension from the library.

  • Students must have their CHS ID cards to check out ANY of the materials from the library.


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