Upcoming AVID Recruitment Information:

1/19/24 - CHS AVID Tutors to El Roble AVID classes

2/1/24 - El Roble students to CHS (field trip permission slips available at El Roble front office)

2/5/24 OR 2/8/24 - AVID Information/Recruitment Night at CHS room 208 5-6:30pm   

3/1/24 - This Friday, we will be interviewing 8th graders who are interested in AVID for next year at CHS. Interviews will take place in room 401 on Friday from 2:15-3:30pm. See you there!                                       

AVID Application Information:

Any students interested in applying for AVID for the 2024 - 2025 school year need to complete the application (along with a teacher letter of recommendation, a printout of your current student schedule, and a printout of your semester one grades) AND attend one of our AVID Presentation Nights to be interviewed by our AVID Site Team.


If you have any questions, please contact Erin Fowler - AVID Site Coordinator via email:  efowler@cusd.claremont.edu.


A letter of recommendation from a current teacher regarding the applicant's motivation, attitude, and participation is required in order for the application to be deemed complete. No application will be considered for the 2024-2025 school year without a letter of recommendation. 

AVID Presentation Nights

Monday, February 5th- Claremont High School - Room 208 from 5-6:30pm

Thursday, February 8th - Claremont High School - Room 208 from 5-6:30pm

AVID Acceptance Notifications will be sent out via email to students and to CHS counselors the week of March 8th.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

Regardless of their life circumstances, AVID students overcome obstacles and achieve success. They graduate and attend college at higher rates, but more importantly, they can think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them while being a part of a supportive community on campus.

AVID Coordinator: Erin Fowler
email: efowler@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Elective Teacher - Grade 12

Erin Fowler
email: efowler@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Elective Teacher - Grade 11

Wendy Crilly
email:  wcrilly@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Elective Teacher - Grade 10

Jaimie Oberbeck
email: joberbeck@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Elective Teacher - Grade 9

Scott Martinez
email: samartinez@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Counselor: Kristie Bergslien
email: kbergslien@cusd.claremont.edu

AVID Annual Recruitment and Interviews for each school year take place in the spring (February).  For more information about the program or to be placed on our waiting list for next school year, please contact the AVID Site Coordinator.

AVID WICOR strategies descriptions


AVID Videos

Take a look at the past AVID classes through the lens of our talented former AVID student and tutor, Isaac Villegas.

AVID 2014

AVID 2015

AVID 2016

AVID 2017

AVID 2018

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